Privacy Policy/Terms of Use

Privacy Policy will observe laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, we will handle personal information that we collect and manage, according to the following policies to protect personal information.
■ About the acquisition of personal information
Smanpo is, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, etc., by lawful and fair means, we will acquire the personal information.
■ About the content of the information to be acquired
Smanpo gets the information usage history and entered by the user.
■ personal information for purposes
Smanpo will use personal information in business operations on as long as necessary.
■ About a third party provides
Smanpo will never give your information to, or share your information with, any third party, except as provided in laws and regulations or working with external services or a third party to provide services on behalf of Smanpo.
■ for the management of personal information
personal information is managed properly and carefully.
■ For information about changing
This Privacy Policy, we may be revised in order to take more appropriate measures.
■ Inquiries
For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact us(

Terms of Use
1. Introduction
(1) The present application (hereinafter referred to as the "application") will provide (Smanpo) is. When you use this application, and services related to this (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") is, on top of the always agree to this Terms of Use, please use. In addition, in the case that was used, in whole or in part of this service it will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.
(2) The user of this application (hereinafter referred to as the "application user"), in addition to the Terms and Conditions, such as other conventions and other guidelines prescribed by the Smanpo (hereinafter, referred to as "the Terms of Use, etc." we agree with the good will), please use this app. It should be noted that, in the case where an agreement such as this Terms of Use and the Terms of Use are different, it is assumed that the provisions of the Terms of Service shall take precedence.
(3) The present Terms of Use and the Terms of Use, etc. For (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Terms like"), without prior notification to this application user, it shall be able to change Smanpo. If this Terms of Use, and the like are using this application after it has been changed will be deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use and the like after the change.
2. digital content such as work
(1) for the purchase
a. This app user, work that can be utilized in the present application, illustrations, items other digital content (hereinafter referred to as the "Content") may purchase I can do it.
b. This app user, you can buy the book content in the final purchase confirmation screen on the display has been the amount of in this application (including tax).
c. This app users, in the payment method to determine the store the price of this content, you shall pay.
d. This content, when the purchasing procedure according to the present application user is finished in principle, shall be applied to the application user. Upon completion of the purchase procedure of this content is the time you press the buy button on this application (if the authentication procedure is required by the password input, when the authentication procedure has been completed) you want.
e. at the time of purchase of this content, it takes besides separate communication fee of the price of this content.
f. regard payment of the price of this content, in relation to events with no relationship to the Smanpo, if any conflict occurs between the application user and store, all between this application user and stores and shall resolve, Smanpo will not assume any responsibility.
g. If the minors are purchasing this content, it is assumed that obtained the consent of parents or parental authority.
h after the purchase of. this content, when this content is uninstall the app until it is granted, it is not granted automatically but the present content to install the app again, you contact to Smanpo above, you will need to get time. In that case, on the grounds that the grant of this content is delayed, it can not be a return of the content.
i. the period specified services, such as monthly course, if you do not complete the release by the deadline stipulated by the companies that have paid the price, the contract will be automatically updated.
the usage fee and use the contents of the j. This content, in this application the user without prior notice, you may want to temporarily change in the campaign and the like. At that time have occurred, compensation of the difference does not do at all.
k. This app, and this service is, himself has set Apple, Google, etc. of the account (ID, there is such as e-mail address, but not necessarily in this. hereinafter referred to as the "Account") only those of individuals with the you can use.
regardless of the provisions of the lk, corporation, association, organization of the circle like (hereinafter, referred to as "organization") in if they wish to make use of, the pre-contact Smanpo, cases where they obtain the approval of the Smanpo only it shall be available.
m. self of the account by, for example, to be used by the third party, it will not be able to use this app, and this service. In addition, by using an account with individuals belonging to the organization to other individuals within the organization, you can not also be using this app, and this service.
3. prohibited acts
(1) The application users, it is not possible to this content in any case to replace the cash and the like. (2) This application users, made ​​any of the following acts with respect to the present service and shall not be. a. This act contrary to the Terms of Use, etc.
violate the b. Smanpo or the rights of third parties with respect to the Service, or act there is the risk -profit act of using the c. This service, commercial act, other considered to be similar to this Acts is d. this interferes with the operation of the service, or act there is the fear
e. in violation of laws and regulations, or act there is a possibility that violate
4. use stop, loss of qualification
(1) Smanpo is, this app use who measures such as stop if you do not pay the price of this content, if and laws and regulations in violation of this Terms of use, etc., if there is other fraud case in violation of regulations, the provision of the service with respect to the present application user you can take.
(2) Smanpo is, with respect to this application user, suspend the provision of the service, if you stop or obsolete, please note that you can not refund such as the price of this content by this.
5. refund of the price of this content
for the price of (1) the content, except in the case should be a refund by law, in any case, does not perform refund.
(2) the case should be a refund by law is, Smanpo is, by other methods posted to a Web page or the like, in addition to a public notice of the relevant facts and refund method will make a refund in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.
6. For the end of this service
Smanpo is, abolition of laws and regulations, changes in the social situation, due to circumstances such as a change of circumstances surrounding the other Smanpo, you may want to terminate this service.
7. disclaimer
for losses incurred by the customer that occurred with respect to the use of this application, Smanpo will not assume any responsibility.
8. dispute
in the case of a dispute between the Smanpo and this application users, and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court. In that case, the governing law is the Japanese law.